Simple and automatic exchange of electronic documents

VAX 360 is your professional integration solution for the exchange of electronic documents via NemHandel, PEPPOL and VANS, both domestic and foreign.

Efficient management of your documents

Regardless of whether you are a small or large enterprise, domestic or global, private or public sector, or even what industry your business falls under, you can exchange electronic documents such as invoices, credit notes, overdue payment reminders, orders, order confirmations and UTS’ with VAX 360.

VAX 360 ensures that you always have a clear overview of your documents. The platform allows you to view both sent and received documents and also set up and save different search filters/criteria.

VAX 360 features

VAX 360 has a number of features that help make it an easily customisable tool for your enterprise – regardless of whether you have yet to send off your first invoice or if you already have lots of experience with electronic document exchange.

Number of documents

VAX 360 is adapted to manage any number of electronic documents, and grows in line with the needs of your enterprise.


VAX 360 supports all OIOUBL and PEPPOL profiles used in electronic invoicing.

Conversion module

VAX 360 features a built-in conversion module which allows users to convert documents from one format into another.

Status message

You always receive an automatically generated e-mail if there is a document error. There also exists an additional option to receive a status message in an XML file containing data on sent electronic documents.


VAX 360 features interfaces/connectors to and from a number of different infrastructures, enabling document exchange via multiple channels.


VAX 360 features a role management module, meaning that the solution can be adapted to individual employee roles. New roles can also be created.

Solutions tailored to your needs

We offer customised solutions for all companies, regardless of their size.


  • Fulfils all legislative requirements for electronic invoicing
  • Sender and Recipient module
  • Invoice, credit note, overdue payment reminder and receipt application
  • 100 documents/month
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  • Fulfils all legislative requirements; including international invoicing
  • Sender and Recipient module
  • Invoice, credit note, overdue payment reminder and receipt application
  • 250 documents/month
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  • Same features as in Small
  • Conversion module
  • Customer-specific document types
  • 500 documents/month
  • Can be expanded with larger document packages
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  • Same features as in Standard
  • Order and order confirmation
  • Simple catalogue profiles
  • 500 documents/month
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  • Same features as in Business
  • Advanced order and catalogue profiles
  • Customer specific customisations
  • 500 documents/month
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Not sure which one is appropriate for you?

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