We are pleased to have a growing pool of happy customers who enjoy the benefits provided by VAX 360.
Below are a handful of testimonials explaining how the system has helped their enterprise.

For several years, FoodService Danmark has used the VAX platform for exchanging electronic documents. All our companies make use of the service, and a large number of our customers and suppliers use NemHandel. The platform gives us a great overview of any outstanding amounts as we can quickly see whether our customers and suppliers have received and paid the invoices.

René Hornslev, Foodservice Danmark

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Energi Danmark uses the VAX platform for receiving and sending all our electronic documents. The system is integrated with our website, thereby enabling our customers to view supply specifications for invoices.

Lan T. Vu, Invoice Service Responsible, Energi Danmark

We have been using the VAX platform for several years for the exchange of electronic invoices, and have recently expanded it with a document ‘firewall’ for quality assurance of electronic documents.

Anette Dyhrberg, Manager of Finance and Management Support, Amgros I/S

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